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We Are Here To Empower Women

Under the gejja structure, we have a segment of women empowerment and creation of employment for the rural women, widows and teen mothers. Before a woman starts her startup that is fully funded by GEJJA WOMEN FOUNDATION. She under takes mentoring and coaching where we source for ideas and what the woman can do best for example grocery, merchandise among others.

But we also have groups of women working together to product products like crafts, wine, mushrooms and bags.


The women make very beautiful, long lasting African hand made crafts from various materials like Banana fibers, Polythene, Papyrus threads, Woolen threads among others. Our products were named after the women that produce them.

Product Nankya

These are baskets made out banana fibers commonly known as (obukeedo) in luganda and papyrus threads commonly known as (obuuso) in luganda. These come in various shapes and sizes. We have the ones with covers and the open ones these baskets are hand made and it take approximately 3 days for a woman to complete one basket.

Product Nalongo

These are creative beautiful bags made out of used sugar or rice sacks and threads. They too are handmade and it takes up to 5 days approximately for one woman to complete one bag These too come in different sizes and shapes for example lady hand bags, clutches, wallets both for men and women.

Product Sikola

These are creative handmade mats with beautiful patterns.the mats are made out of palm leaves which are mixed in different colors that later bring out the great takes 7 days approximately to complete one mat.

Product Twinamatsiko

these are commonly known as (endiro) they are also made out of banana fibers(obukeedo) and polythene or sack threads and papyrus threads (obuuso). It takes up to 2 days for a woman to complete one Twinamatsiko.(

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   Mpigi - Mayembe Upper

   (+256) 704 662-659



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