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According to daily monitor Uganda, 700000 Ugandan children have no access to school, thus ranking Uganda the 11th in the world with the highest number of children out of school as noted by [UNESCO].

14 million adolescent girls become mothers every year and 31 million girls are still out of school around the world. The completion rates and learning levels of girls are lower than those of the boys, participation of girls in schools deceases as they progress through the education system.

Most of the girls especially those in the rural areas dropout of school because they lack access to schools, scholastic materials and school fees .And too many girls in developing countries like Uganda are denied the fundamental right to education.


A generation where rural orphan girls have the opportunity and right to education.


At Gejja Women Foundation we believe that every girl be it in the rural or urban area all deserve an equal opportunity to education and the right to contribute to the development of her society. That is what we strive for every day.

We exist for a generation where rural orphan girls have access to education, through providing the girls with scholastic materials, school fees, coaching and training them hands on skills during their holidays for sustainability after school.

Because we believe all girls no matter where they live, background, culture, family and race have the right and opportunity to be educated, healthy, safe, counted and positioned to be the next generation of leaders.


Compared to any other organization that offers education support to the girls in Uganda, Gejja Women Foundation goes ahead to offer the girls hands on skills that can sustain them after school.

Find us at our offices located in the address below or give us a call.

   Mpigi - Mayembe Upper

   (+256) 704 662-659



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