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Who We Are

We as the Gejja Women Foundation are aiming at empowering the widows and teens in the rural areas of Mpigi district Uganda through the Educational support, permaculture practicing, women startups and production of reusable sanitary products.


We are questioning the way the world treats women and teens and as the Gejja women, we want to ignite the change because women and teens form the most vulnerable and underserved communities in the world. But when they are empowered, educated, protected, they become the agents of change in our communities.

Gejja Women Foundation is creating both products and a service to flourish businesses, create new market opportunities that lead to sustainable empowerment for these women.


Through offering educational support to the rural girls, creation of well self sustained women startups, practicing of permaculture in schools and homes, training in menstrual hygiene and production of reusable sanitary pads.


A world where girls and women are economically empowered and are able to stand up for their own rights.

Our Causes

We Are Here To Empower Women

Menstrual Hygiene

Where women and girls are tarined menstrual hygiene and Production of reusable sanitary pads.

Safe girl provides affordable, comfortable, long lasting reusable sanitary pads in East Africa, ensuring that girls and women are no longer ashamed, oppressed and stigmatized because of periods.

For the past two months, we trained over 1000 women and girls in schools to make their own pads and sold 10000 safe reusable pads.

All the above activities are done by women and girls, the profits also shared among the women for self sustainability.

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Practising Permaculture

Where we practice agriculture on small scale mainly in government schools and homes growing mainly vegetables to supplement on the nutrition and encourage saving.

We train families to have kitchen gardens of vegetables and in schools using the small spaces of land available to also grow vegetables to supplement on the nutrition in school and also impact saving skills among the youngstars. When they sell their products.

Women Start Ups

Where the women are taken into mentoring and coaching, ie We empower rural marginalized women to become their own bosses so as to become economically empowered thus to support their families and communities through engaging them in adult education, phone, and computer skills, mentoring and coaching for their own startups.

We currently have 135 women who are under going the adult education scheme and are practically their own businesses.

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Educational Support

We offer Education support to the girl child through providing school fees, scholarships, scholastic materials like books which are made by the Gejja women, pens, sanitary pads, shoes among other things to girls in the community.

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Find us at our offices located in the address below or give us a call.

   Mpigi - Mayembe Upper

   (+256) 704 662-659



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